TikTok LIVE 

I went live on TikTok live before I went live in the Natural Kaos Skincare App in February 2022.  I like to prep for my lives and answer any questions while I am preparing. I love to share some of my favorite masks and this time I used the Murr mask by The Ordinary. I prepared for my treatments by using numbing cream. I use a derma roller before applying a numbing, as a result, it penetrates into the skin. I use plastic baggies, I cut them up to place on top of the numbing cream, which also helps to keep the numbing cream in place. I let that sit for about 25 to 30 minutes before starting treatments. Also, doing a TikTok live beforhand gives the numbing cream time to work so I am numb for the treatments.

The treatments I did on this day were various threads and mesotherapy. I love using mesotherapy and lumi eyes was perfect for helping to deliver hyaluronic acid and pdrn (an active mixture of polynucleotides). This was the first time I placed boom threads. I had to use an 18g needle to make a pilot hole and I did use injectable lidocaine. Injecting lidocaine was a big deal for me and made it made such a difference. I did PCL screw threads for the sides of my temples in a cross hatch pattern. To see the full live you must be in the NATURAL KAOS APP Apple and Andriod store.