I’m adding the initial blood work that was taken from me before I began Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) in Mexico in July 2021. There will be additional information, including Youtube videos and blog posts to assist your questions and help you perform your own research.

This is my blood work before stem cell infusions.

My understanding from Dr. Hino, is I’m in good health and my blood reflects low fat and I have a good amount of iron. However, my white and red blood cells appear to be a tad low. Dr. Hino suggested I do more aerobic exercise to help increase these values…I’m trying but right now the best I’ve got is hot yoga time 3-4 times per week.

This is a Youtube LIVE immediately after I returned from Mexico on July 8, 2021. In this LIVE, I talk about my experience at the Hino Medical Center and demonstrate how to put together my new HGH injection pen. I will be administering HGH daily to myself in my stomach.

Do you have questions for Dr. Hino?

The included blood work is in Spanish because it was developed in Mexico while I was at the Hino Medical Center in Ensenada, Mexico receiving pluripotent stem cells.

I’m sharing my experiences with you as I find and explore new methods for aging gracefully. Natural Kaos LLC is not making any medical claims.

I’m not a healthcare provider, nor do I understand all of these values without looking each item up. If you see something in my blood report that stands out to you please feel free to comment below, I would appreciate your insight and take.

My goal has always been one of transparency. I feel completely fine sharing my blood results with you. It’s a way for all of us to see a baseline from where I’m starting. These stats are again based on blood before any stem cell was given. As you can see from above, the blood appears to claim I’m a healthy US woman, falling within the middle of most ranges.

*Some might read the above results and suspect I have a Urinary Tract Infection. However, I’m not experiencing any of those symptoms, so if I do have an infection, it’s not presenting enough to cause any discomfort.

At the time of the blood draw, I’m 39 years old, I have 4 boys, I weigh 125 lbs, I’m 5’2″, and I’m under constant stress. I’m going back to yoga regularly to help my stress and I’m trying to drink more water. My hope is that adding stem cells early to my life, along with a healthy lifestyle will be useful in preventing future chronic diseases.

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